SB4, finishing plaster in clay

SB4, finish in raw clay to be used for finishing walls and ceilings.


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The SB4 finishing plaster or clay plaster is used to finish walls and ceilings, it is applied over the Terragena SB2 plaster or over the Terragena SB3. leveling compound. It has excellent breathability and thanks to the velvety effect it behaves like a valuable coating.

The clay plasters are completely natural, are composed of calcareous sand and selected clay, are free from hydraulic binders and substances of synthetic origin. The main characteristics of the clay are to regulate the humidity and allow the walls to breathe. Another important property of clay is to neutralize the odors of the environment.

The application procedure is the same as a traditional plaster, the SB2 base coat plaster is applied to the thickness of brick, cellular cement, rough reinforced concrete, and raw bricks from the Later line of Terragena. In the case of difficult substrates such as vibrated reinforced concrete, it is essential to carry out a rough coat, or for the wooden surfaces to apply the Terragena plasterboard. The product is applied by hand or with a premixed plastering machine for a maximum thickness of 1.5-2 cm each coat. The base coat SB2 can be finished with a trowel or a trowel to be left exposed or it can be completed with the SB4 colored clay finish.

Finishing plasters are available in different colors and do not require further treatment. If required, it is still possible to paint with Terrapaint clay paint or interior tempera paints.