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Clay, a material rich in resources

  • Protects from electrosmog: according to a study by Professor Schneider, of the military institute in Munich, 2.5 cm of clay plaster eliminates 75% of the radiation developed by a high voltage plant. A wall built with normal raw clay bricks actually eliminates 98%.
  • Thermoregulator: a good thermal inertia that keeps the room temperature stable.
  • It regulates humidity: it regulates the humidity of the premises as it absorbs water from the air when it is too humid and returns it when it is too dry. In this way, relative humidity is maintained under optimal conditions for humans between 50% and 70%.
  • Sound-absorbing: it has excellent sound-absorbing properties, especially in large rooms where, under normal conditions, noise and unpleasant sound effects occur. The clay plaster dampens the low frequency sounds thus improving the living comfort. Using the bricks of the Later line as filling for slabs, noises caused by foot traffic are also significantly eliminated.
  • Low LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): products made from raw clay have a low LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), in fact the clay is processed raw and mixed with natural aggregates. The life cycle does not include cooking or special processes, at the end of the cycle the material can be completely recycled or disposed of as inert material.
  • It neutralizes odors: the clay, being a colloid, has a great ability to retain dust, gas and odors present in the air thus maintaining the healthy environment.
SB3 - Rasante in argilla grezzo

Prodotti per pareti in argilla


Prodotti per pareti in argilla, intonaci, rasanti, colori.

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Massetto Naturpav

Prodotti per pavimenti in argilla


Prodotti in argilla per pavimenti. Leganti per massetti, finiture naturali e rivestimenti.

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Clayboard lastra in argilla

Trafilati in argilla


Mattoni crudi fatti a mano, mattoni trafilati, tavelle trafilate, blocchi forati, lastre in argilla.

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